More and more business houses across the world now realize that increased efficiency and savings can be achieved by the introduction of Barcode Technology. The Speed and Accuracy at which information is processed plays a vital role in enhancing the Efficiency and Profit. SK is having more than 150 installations in South India.

QS 6000 PLUS
With Trigger scanning
680 mm Visible Laser Diode
42 scans/second
5 mils/0.13 mm
Reading Distance:0-20”
Read all linear codes
Withstands 1.5 meter drops on to concrete Water, Dust resistant : IEC 529, IP 53 DW


PT 40
Built in Laser Scan
650 mm Visible Laser Diode
256 KB and 2 MB Memory Version
Compact Size, Light Weight (119 gm.)
Rechargable with NiMH Battery Pack,
Powerful Program Generator (PPG)
26 Key Numeric Keypad


Horizonal Mounting
Omnidirectional 18 lines
Scan speed 1800/1350 scans/sec
Reading Distance 0-6”/0-5”
Read all codes
KBW, Rs 232, USB
EAS Deactivation


PSC Utilitising the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology allows you the freedom to scan the barcode at the end of a warehouse (46m) from your host terminal.

Wireless up to 46 mtrs distance
Battery backup for 8hrs in single charge
Up to 8 scanners to one base station
RF – 433.05 Mhz to 434.79 Mhz

Ideal for Ware housing, Shipping/Receiving, logistics and transportation applications


SK Software Team makes line study of the industry of any kind and developing customized package integrated with barcode for:
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Work-In-Process
  • Warehouse Management
  • Garment Production Tracking
  • Barcode Integration Software