More and more business houses across the world now realize that increased efficiency and savings can be achieved by the introduction of Barcode Technology. The Speed and Accuracy at which information is processed plays a vital role in enhancing the Efficiency and Profit.


SK offers DATAMAX Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers, which are the most comprehensive and cost effective available in the market today. Engineered with quality and leading edge technology that increases the printer’s reliability and performance. We have varied model printers suitable for different types of label printing as shown below:


E-4203 3 ips, 203dpi
E-4204 4 ips, 203dpi
E-4304 4 ips, 300dpi

DT/TT Width:4.25”,Serial/Parallel/USB,2MB DRAM, 1MB Flash

Ideal for Table top and small retail outlets



M-4206 6 ips, 203dpi, No LCD Display, 4 MB DRAM
M-4208 8 ips, 203dpi, with LCD Display, MCL, 8 MB DRAM
M-4206 6 ips, 300dpi, with LCD Display, MCL,8 MB DRAM

DT/TT Width:4.25”,Serial/Parellel/USB

Ideal for retail outlets, super markets and medium industrial applications



I-4208 08ips, 203dpi I-4308 8ips, 300dpi
I-4210 10ips, 203dpi I-4406 6ips, 406dpi
I-4212 12ips, 203dpi I-4604 4ips, 600dpi

DT/TT Width:4.10”,Serial/Parellel,16MB DRAM/2MB Flash, Metal Casing, MCL

Ideal for High volume label printing & industrial shop floor applications



W-6208 8 ips, 203 dpi, width 6.62”
W-6308 8 ips, 300 dpi, width 6.40”
W-8306 6 ips, 300 dpi, width 8.53”

DT/TT , Serial/Parellel,16MB DRAM/2MB Flash, Metal Casing, LCD Display, MCL

Ideal for printing A5/A4 labels



SK Software Team makes line study of the industry of any kind and develops customized packages integrated with barcode for:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Work-In-Process
  • Warehouse Management
  • Garment Production Tracking
  • Barcode Integration Software