Company Philosophy
Mission Statement

SK Group established in the year 1978 has been a pioneer in producing Polypropelene strapping, self adhesive labels, barcode labels, Multi product Labels and “Niche” market labels.

With innovative technology and clear understanding of customer needs, SK Group provide systems, solutions and highly dependable services to its clientele in both packaging as well as labeling . During the past two decades SK's commitment to customer satisfaction bas been its Mission... Challenge... and Promise.

Our goal is to create newer and better products that bring naturally genuine improvements in people's lives. The indispensable values, sense of community, the shared goals, the pride of achievement, the spirited exchange of ideas and the skills, binds the team in a web of loyalty and mutual responsibility. When skills are combined the effort is easier.

Thanks to the efforts of all our shareholders, our team of employees and valued customers the pursuit to excellence comes miles closer.