SK is a “ ONE STOP SHOP” for PP strapping . We sell all the related tools, equipments and machinery for PP strapping.
SK 'Pack-On' heat sealable Polypropylene strapping is manufactured using an imported Extruder with an uncompromising penchant for quality... The standards and tensile strength of strapping is checked regularly through in house testing equipments.

SK 'Pack-on' strapping is suitable for Manual, Semi automatic as well as Fully Automatic Strapping Application and widely used in Automobile, Garments, Pharma, Electronics, Construction and all types of Industries We are the largest exporter of strap to various parts of South East Asia , United Arab Emirates and Isreal.

Available in:
  • Width: 09mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm
  • Thickness: 0.5mm - 0.8mm
  • Colours: White, Black, Blue, Red, Brown and Yellow
  • Core ID: 75mm, 200mm and 403mm
Width Code Roll Weight
in Kg.
Break Load
 in Kg.
9 mm 905 HS 7.5 070 - 075
9 mm 906 HS 9.0 085 - 095
12 mm 1205 HS 7.0 090 - 100
12 mm 1206 HS 12.0 120 - 135
15 mm 1505 HS 5.0 125 - 135
15 mm 1506 HS 6.0 140 - 160
19 mm 1905 HS 6.0 165 - 175
19 mm 1906 HS 7.0 180 - 185


The versatile Polyester Strapping is primarily used to secure medium and heavy loads. It offers elongation and elasticity characteristics that steel strapping does not offer. Strapping ranging from 9mm-19mm Thickness from 0.5 mm-0.8mm with break strength 200kg to 1200kg.

Features of Polyester strapping:

Product Protection: No sharp edges, so product damages are minimizes.
Weather resistance: Not rusting and stain packs when exposed to moisture.
Shock loading: To ‘absorb’ the sudden forces exerted
Safety: Does not ‘whiplash’ when removed
User friendly: Over steel & Nylon strapping
Eco friendly: Re-cyclable grade